Book Review: The Break by Marian Keyes

cover the break

There is something so thrilling about a new Marian Keye’s book coming out. You just know it’s going to be like curling up on the couch, chatting with a wonderful and dear friend. You know you will fall in love with all the characters.

The break is out September 7, 2017. I was extremely fortunate to get an advanced copy to read and review.

I adored this book so much! I truly was drawn straight into the story and could see all the beloved characters so clearly, I truly felt as if I was there. This is the genius of Marian’s writing.

So, the story centres around Amy, a mother of two and her wonderful extended family. Amy and Hugh have been married a while. They love each other and their life together but it’s fair to say maybe a bit of a spark has gone from their relationship. After some truly sad events Hugh decides he needs a break from their marriage for six months, to travel around South-East Asia. He still loves Amy and everyone but feels it’s his only choice. No amount of pleading helps and Hugh leaves. I truly wanted to hug Amy and could feel every bit of her heartbreak, as if it were my own. I could also sympathise with how hard it was for Hugh to leave and stick with his decision. He truly believed it was his only choice for his mental health. I was hurt and upset along with Amy. I also felt angry towards Hugh but I couldn’t hate him.

So, we stay with Amy as she tackles being essentially a single parent again and all she must deal with on her own. I love Amy’s family as well especially Lillian, her mom. There is such a wonderful warmth to everything that Marian writes. Her characters are not perfect and have their flaws, just like all of us. That makes them even more endearing.

This story is wonderfully heartfelt, real and filled with humour. It’s about what life throws at you and staying in love as a married couple. I loved every minute of this book and couldn’t put it down.

I write this not as a huge fan of Marian(which I have been for years) but as a lover and ferocious reader of books. Marian fans you will not be disappointed. This book is everything and more. For other readers this is just a wonderful book to read which you will make you laugh, cry and so much more. I felt bereft as I finished the book. I didn’t want to leave Amy, Hugh and the family.

Its a must read. Make sure to get your copy when it’s out later this year. You will not be sorry. This book is one really great reason to look forward to September 🙂



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