Reviews of movies I’ve seen recently

Movies I’ve seen recently…

I am a big movie fan and am a regular cinema goer.

I thought I would review the last couple films I’ve watched recently and also mention the upcoming ones I’ looking forward to.

spy 1

Spy,  with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Stratham and British comedienne Miranda Hart. My friend came with me to watch this and we laughed the whole way through! Melissa was on fire and I loved her! Jason Stratham stole the show for me though. He was so unbelievably hilarious. He had seriously some of the best lines. One of the memorable ones is when Melissa’s character asks him how he got the suit. He says I effing made it didn’t I?” I burst out laughing he was so funny! I also loved Rose Byrne in the film as I thought she was amazing as the villain who you actually kind of like in a way. She was brilliant! One of the memorable moments as well is when Miranda hart tackles the rapper 50 cent! All in all it has its cheesy gags and laughs but overall a thoroughly entertaining funny spy film which actually had a good story to it.

Jurassic world- I enjoyed the first Jurassic park film and found it entertaining but the next two didn’t really capture my attention like the first one. When I saw the trailer for the new one and of course that the incredibly hot Chris Pratt would be in it, I decided to check it out.  The graphics were incredible! The dinosaurs looked really real. I loved the whole lay out of the resort and everything. Chris Pratt was funny and engaging! I love his smile! I didn’t really warm to Bryce Dallas Howard though. I don’t think her acting in the film was that great to be honest. She had some funny lines but I just always seemed to be aware she was acting. Overall it is worth seeing on the big screen with the graphics and sound. It’s an epic adventure!

MR 1

The longest ride- This is the new Nicholas sparks film and I loved it.

I thought both Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson bought the characters to life beautifully. Alan Alda was great as Ira as well. This film doesn’t top the notebook, dear John or safe haven’t for me but it really bought tears to my eyes. Scott Eastwood is also very easy on the eyes and is really gorgeous. The story revolves around 2 different love stories set in different times. One story takes place during World War 1 and the other, in recent years. It is wonderful how the two stories come together. Another thing I love about a Nicholas sparks film is the scenery and location of the films. I just find it so beautiful. I think if you enjoy his books and films then you will love it.

Films that I am excited for and am looking forward to seeing are Hot pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vegara. It looks very funny and I pretty much love Reese in any film. Ricky and the flash with Meryl Streep. I think she is really one of the greatest actresses and her films are always so good! Also the last hunger games film. I was never into dystopian type stories before the hunger games but I came to care so much about these characters and the films are so good! I also am looking forward to the animated peanuts film. I have always had a soft spot for snoopy and Charlie brown since I was little.


What are some of the films you enjoyed or seen recently? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any recommendations.


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