Reviews of movies I’ve seen recently

Movies I’ve seen recently…

I am a big movie fan and am a regular cinema goer.

I thought I would review the last couple films I’ve watched recently and also mention the upcoming ones I’ looking forward to.

spy 1

Spy,  with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Stratham and British comedienne Miranda Hart. My friend came with me to watch this and we laughed the whole way through! Melissa was on fire and I loved her! Jason Stratham stole the show for me though. He was so unbelievably hilarious. He had seriously some of the best lines. One of the memorable ones is when Melissa’s character asks him how he got the suit. He says I effing made it didn’t I?” I burst out laughing he was so funny! I also loved Rose Byrne in the film as I thought she was amazing as the villain who you actually kind of like in a way. She was brilliant! One of the memorable moments as well is when Miranda hart tackles the rapper 50 cent! All in all it has its cheesy gags and laughs but overall a thoroughly entertaining funny spy film which actually had a good story to it.

Jurassic world- I enjoyed the first Jurassic park film and found it entertaining but the next two didn’t really capture my attention like the first one. When I saw the trailer for the new one and of course that the incredibly hot Chris Pratt would be in it, I decided to check it out.  The graphics were incredible! The dinosaurs looked really real. I loved the whole lay out of the resort and everything. Chris Pratt was funny and engaging! I love his smile! I didn’t really warm to Bryce Dallas Howard though. I don’t think her acting in the film was that great to be honest. She had some funny lines but I just always seemed to be aware she was acting. Overall it is worth seeing on the big screen with the graphics and sound. It’s an epic adventure!

MR 1

The longest ride- This is the new Nicholas sparks film and I loved it.

I thought both Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson bought the characters to life beautifully. Alan Alda was great as Ira as well. This film doesn’t top the notebook, dear John or safe haven’t for me but it really bought tears to my eyes. Scott Eastwood is also very easy on the eyes and is really gorgeous. The story revolves around 2 different love stories set in different times. One story takes place during World War 1 and the other, in recent years. It is wonderful how the two stories come together. Another thing I love about a Nicholas sparks film is the scenery and location of the films. I just find it so beautiful. I think if you enjoy his books and films then you will love it.

Films that I am excited for and am looking forward to seeing are Hot pursuit with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vegara. It looks very funny and I pretty much love Reese in any film. Ricky and the flash with Meryl Streep. I think she is really one of the greatest actresses and her films are always so good! Also the last hunger games film. I was never into dystopian type stories before the hunger games but I came to care so much about these characters and the films are so good! I also am looking forward to the animated peanuts film. I have always had a soft spot for snoopy and Charlie brown since I was little.


What are some of the films you enjoyed or seen recently? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any recommendations.


The ABC of me

The ABC of me

As a way if getting to know me a bit more, I’ve done an ABC of myself. Would love to see your ABC as well, so let me know!

A is for African. I was born and raised in South Africa. It is the most beautiful country and it will always have a huge part of my heart.


B is for Books Since a very young age I have loved escaping into books. I think because I don’t have a brother or sister and also as I haven’t met the right man just yet, I can live vicariously in a way. In the books I can be a beloved sister. I can be loved so deeply by a lovely man. I can be anyone else but me. I can be the beautiful girl in the story.

C is for Celine Dion. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love her voice and music. She has been my favourite singer since I was little. I also love how family orientated she is and how devoted she is.

KATIE - 4/25/13 - Celine Dion invited Katie Couric into her recording studio for an exclusive conversation about her family, her husband?s cancer diagnosis, and her brand new music, airing on KATIE, distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. (Photo by Ronda Churchill/Disney-ABC via Getty Images)  CELINE DION

D is for Determination. This is a huge part of who I am. I have a lot I wish to do and achieve in life and I go for it as best I can.

E is for Endeavor as no matter how many knocks I have to face, I just keep trying and somehow keep going.

F  is for family and friends who I love with all my heart. Their support, encouragement, love and advice have got me through some of the toughest moments. My life would be meaningless without them.

G is for Guilt My old friend guilt follows me around always waiting to pounce. I feel guilty about anything and everything. Also my guilty pleasures are Pretty little liars, reality shows like Real housewives of Beverley hills, Made in Chelsea

H is for Height which mine is  1.40m tall. I am a short arse 😉

Tash 1

I is for Improvement. I always try to improve myself. I am striving to be more honest with how I am feeling and not be afraid to actually express what I really want or am feeling. I am also trying to be more assertive without losing my natural patience and helpfulness.

J is for jewellery of which I have a few pieces which have a lot of sentimental value to me given to me by my Mom, Gran, family and friends.

K is for Keepsakes I love keeping photos of special memories and also I love mementos from my travels. At theatre shows I always end up buying a souvenir from it.

L is for London which I am very fond of as it has given me so much. I moved there 4 years ago on my own, to try and make a better life for myself and to achieve some of my goals. It has made me self sufficient and I’ve had some amazing experiences since I’ve been here. I couldn’t be more grateful.

M is for Marian Keyes who is my favourite author and has been for years. Her books are incredible and she is a wonderfully talented writer. I always am so excited for her new books. I have had the good fortune recently of meeting her for the first time and she is truly one of the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Tash 9Tash 8

N is for Numbers which is a big part of my daily working life as I work in accounts.

O is for Optimism and hope for the future have had a huge hand in helping me through the past few years as well as the love of my family. I have my low days but I do my best to try not lose complete faith that I will get to where I want to be. That someday i will become a mom as I have a lot of love to give.  I’m hopeful I might one day become a published writer and people will respond to what I have to say.

P is for pet peeves which are when people don’t use common courtesy. With my height I also am constantly being bumped by backpacks and people shoving past and knocking me. I know im short but im still here! I just wish people would be more aware.

Q is for quote- “When life gives you lemons the last thing I want to do is make lemonade. Sometimes a horrible experience is just that, a horrible experience. – Marian Keyes in a Sunday times column. This is so true!!

R is for Running- this is something I started about two years ago and have found it very therapeutic. I did my first ever marathon in Paris in April 2015 and am planning my next ones in Dublin, London and New York if possible.

Tash 13

S is for Shoes I love shoes! I cant get enough of them. Hoping one day when im old enough I can afford my first ever designer pair 😉

Tash 16 Tash 17

T is for Turners syndrome which I was diagnosed with at birth. It definitely has had a part to play in shaping who I am today but it has never completely defined me. It hasn’t always been easy but I have come to terms with it. I cant have children so will have to look at adoption as a way to become a mom. Ive accepted this though and see it as i will be able to love a child as my own who needs it and hasn’t had it before 🙂

U is for Underwear which I don’t pay major attention to as I just tend to buy mismatching average underwear which does the job. I keep thinking whats the point as I have no one to dress for. Maybe it would be nice to have a sophisticated and pretty set to make me feel good.

V is for Vacation So far my travels have taken me to Ireland, Prague, New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Belgium. I still have quite a list of places I would love to see such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and a few cities in America.

W is for Wish I have quite a few things that I wish for. Happiness and health for my family and friends. I truly wish there could be more tolerance and kindness in this world. I wish that when someone is tolerant and kind that it wasn’t taken as a weakness to be taken advantage of . I wish people didn’t take loved ones and genuine people who offer patience and kindness for granted.

X is for (Ex friends) I have had friends over the years and some of them have stayed and continue to hopefully and others have just cut contact without any reason I could understand. Each time though its chipped a little piece of me away. As time marches on you learn to let go.

Y is for Yes I am definitely the yes girl. No matter how inconvenient it may be for me I always try to help and never say no.

Z is for Zodiac sign of which mine is Gemini. I am torn in two a lot of times which is the emotional side of me and the practical side.


Hi there 🙂

I am a 31 year old South African girl trying to make her way in the world, having moved to London, UK.

I was diagnosed with Turners Syndrome when I was a baby and will be discussing that as well.

I’ve decided to give writing a blog a try and am hoping I will have some interesting things to say.

I will be talking about various things such as my travels, book reviews, films, beauty products, experiences in London and a lot more. I will also be putting my thoughts forward on all sorts of different topics

I truly hope I get some readers who I can get to know and interact with as we go along.

Tash 6